B&L supports national and international players of Real Estate to create value for their business in Italy, in order to protect and increase the value of every asset and improve quality and return of their portfolios


B&L is an independent consulting company with twenty years of experience in Real Estate business and Real Estate Finance through its founding partners. A sound knowledge of the markets and strong  relationships with the most part of the  players of the real estate sector are the key success factor of B & L.



B&L Real Estate & Corporate Advisor is an independent advisory company active in the Real Estate market and was founded on the initiative of Fabio Bandirali and Ruggero Lorenzi, as abusiness partnership was born more than twenty years ago, and certainly well known and appreciated in both italian and international Commercial Real Estate industry.



Target clients of B&L are all the top players of the real estate community, both international and domestic and B&L can provide a full package in order to protect and add value to their real estate portfolios.


Four keys features allow B&L to operate successfully:


1. More than 20 years of sound experience in the Real Estate sector,

2. Knowledge of the dynamics and trends of every market segments

3. Consolidated relationships with all italian and international players

4. A well-blended team that works well together.


The partners’ professional career and a constant involvement and participation  at the most relevant real estate exhibitions and conferences moreover allow to manage, optimize and satisfy every partnerships requests very well.


The continuing presence in the italian real estate associations and academics helps the team to increase the quality of B&L consultancy activity.


Fabio Bandirali and Ruggero Lorenzi are the founding partners of B & L, a sound a successful partnership started more than twenty years ago, and from the early beginning they have been creating a strong and result-oriented team During their intensive professional experience, Fabio Bandirali and Ruggero Lorenzi have been performing as important players in many relevant real estate deals.

  •                                                                      FABIO BANDIRALI >

    Born in Milan March 30, 1958.


    Degree in Business Administration - Bocconi University, with specialization in Bankings.


    In march 1983 started his own career as credit analyst in Milan at Interbanca Spa, a primary bank for medium and long term financing, where he successfully handled  several tasks including corporate financing,  Manager of the branch in Turin and later Risk Manager in Milan.


    In 1997 he left Interbanca and opened the Italian representative office of Rheinhyp, Rheinische Hypothekenbank AG- Commerzbank group; at the end of 1998 the rep office was turned into Italian branch with Fabio Bandirali as Managing Director In 2002 he was appointed Managing Director of the new Italian subsidiary of Eurohypo AG, final result of  the merger of Rheinhyp with Deutsche Hypo (Dresdner Bank Group) and Eurohypo (Deutsche Bank Group). Eurohypo AG acted as one of the most important real estate banks in Italy, providing the financing of most relevant real estate investments and development, including CityLife and Porta Nuova / Varesine.



    In 2011 he left Eurohypo to start  a new experience as real estate and financial consultant  and then opened a  new advisory activity in the real estate sector of the sports industry. Is one of the founders and partners of Sportium, professional team involved in the full consultancy  for the development of sports facilities, managed in accordance with a modern and innovative real estate approach.


    Chairman of AICI, Italian Association of Real Estate Consultants, Managers and Appraisers. Executive Vice Chairman of Federimmobiliare, the federation of the Italian real estate industry Chairman of the Delegation of Sports Facilities and Real Estate of  Assoimmobiliare. Lecturer in  " Real Estate Sports Facilities " at the Course of Master Real Estate Management of the Milan Polytechnic University


    Lecturer at Master DzSport Business Managementdz  Course of the Sole24 Ore BUSINESS SCHOOL Lecturer  at the Master "Development and increasing value of  real estate sport facilities" of the LUISS Business School and CONI – Italian Olympic Committee

  •                 RUGGERO LORENZI >

    Born in Milan April 22, 1964


    Graduated in Business Administration and Accounting from the Università Commerciale L. Bocconi in Milan.


    in 1991 He started his own career at Interbanca Spa in the corporate banking department where he was involved in structured finance, LBO, MLBO.


    In 1995 he joined the real estate finance department where was able to develop  sound skills and expertise in the new  real estate lending activity of the bank.


    In 1998 he joined Rheinhyp, Rheinische Hypothekenbank -  Commerzbank Group, as Deputy General Manager of the Italian branch, providing an important support for the new Italian business of the bank.




    In 2002 he was appointed Deputy General Manager of the Italian branch of Eurohypo AG.


    From 2002 to 2011 was involved in the successful development of the branch business,  mainly acting in structuring, negotiation and arranging of real estate financing.


    In 2011 left  Eurohypo AG in order to develop an independent real estate and banking consulting activity, providing professional assistance in negotiation and structuring of real estate financing deals and in debt restructuring. He signed agreements with some banks as advisor to support real estate spin-off as well as  structuring and issuance of Mini-Bonds.



The B & L team, thanks to its own twenty years of successful experience and in-sound expertise is able to provide the best management of any  economic, financial, commercial and technical needs:


Structuring and financial management of real estate deals

Drawing up of business plans



Structuring and financial management of real estate deals

Drawing up of business plans

Preparation of information memorandum and feasibility plans

Preparation and management of debt restructuring projects

Leverage facilities

Assistance in the development of real estate transactions

Support for foreign investment in Italy

Business partner research activity

Assistance in NPL management




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